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Beginning with just over a dozen committed adults and young people on their team, Phil and Nancy Van Wart came to Calvert County looking to establish a church that would help reach the many county residents not yet involved in one of Calvert’s great churches.

Early Easter morning, April 4, 1999, the team would be found at Huntingtown Elementary School busily setting up the chairs, staging, lighting, sound, Children’s Church and Nursery for the Grand Opening of Calvert Community Church.

The team had worked for months to make friends with the community, inviting as many people as possible through various means, Maybe most notable of the invites came in the form of a massive direct mail campaign featuring the now infamous “Caveman” invitation to “Come as you are.”

That first Sunday service was attended by some 70 guests, most of whom admitted that it was the caveman that led to their visit. The tone was set. From that first Sunday on, Calvert Community Church has continued to ask people to “come as you are” to find a loving and accepting God and a church that reflects His values and mission.

Calvert Community Church now meets on its beautiful 38 wooded acre campus. We like to call our temporary meeting place cozy, but on many Saturdays, you may find  our “weekend warriors” working to complete our latest project - a 2,899 square foot worship center.

Our invitation still stands. Please come as you are and see what God is doing at  Calvert Community Church.