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Text Box: Sunday Worship – 10:30 AM
Our Sunday morning Worship Service is designed to be a time of spiritual renewal and refreshing. Calvert Community Church meets on its developing 38-acre Church Campus at 2450 Kings Landing Road in Huntingtown.
Although we are not yet in our new larger facilities, our temporary meeting room is more than comfortable, and the child-care, children’s’ ministries have plenty of room for their Sunday morning activities.
We encourage folk to arrive a little early, giving them time to enjoy a cup of coffee and settle into the good seats (and we all know where they are) before the service gets underway.
Parents of pre-school children may take advantage of the loving child-care programs for infants and toddlers or are perfectly welcome to keep their little ones with them in the service. We are convinced that the occasional coo or cry of a baby in a church service must be beautiful music to God’s ears.
The Sunday Morning Service usually begins with a quick reminder of the regular and special calendar events and opportunities. We then enter into a time of singing and prayer seeking to express our praise and asking God to show us something special for the day. We continue our worship with our offering, reminding all attenders that it is an opportunity for our regular church family members and not necessarily for our guests.
After another song, solo, or video, our pre-K through 6th grade kids are invited to join Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and other favorite VegieTales characters for their own Children’s Worship program. Again, children and youth are always welcome to remain in the service.
Pastor Phil usually teaches for about 39 minutes. Phil’s teaching is a positive application of Biblical principles for living in today’s challenging times., often highlighted with video illustrations and seasoned with good humor.
Most often we end the service with yet another lively song or video, helping to catapult us into the opportunities and challenges of the coming week. The Sunday worship service is followed on Sunday morning by our Sunday School Study Hour. 
Please know that Calvert Community Church may be one of the most casual churches you have ever attend. Regulars and guests are encouraged to dress comfortably. Adults are welcome to bring their coffee into the service with them. We do our best to keep the service order and conversation understandable. There is no secret church language, no hard to follow or uncomfortable worship styles, and no guilt trips. And, we don’t beg for money.

“First Sunday” Evening Service.
We regularly plan to get together on the each first Sunday of the month for a little extra time of worship and fellowship, a little ministry “shop talk,” and the celebration of the Lord’s Table.

“Third Sunday Brunch,” (you guessed it) the third Sunday following the morning service.
Calvert Community Church stays a little longer each third Sunday of the month for a special time of fellowship and a shared brunch meal. There is no pressure to stay and no requirement to have brought a dish. 

Small Groups
It has been our experience that small groups offer a great help in our ability to support one another in our personal spiritual journeys. Small Groups are usually based on a topic or Bible book study. Groups schedules can vary and are intentionally flexible. We are always looking for new hosts and attenders.